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2024 CURRENT ALERTS (6) (Counties: Warren-1, Greene-1, Delaware-1, Franklin-1, Cuyahoga-2) 

Recent alerts are added at the top of the chart, revisions are noted in the first column.   

Description And Name Of Local Trail Closure
July 12

LINK  40.134756, -82.925223

Closure with Detour: The Ohio to Erie Trail in Westerville between Old County Line Road and Hoff Road is being resurfaced.  The project signs go up July 12 and the detour will be in effect through July. 

A signed DETOUR is available via trail/sidepath along the Alum Creek Trail, Cleveland Ave sidepath and Polaris Parkway sidepath. 
Detailed RWGPS routes are provided in Northbound or Southbound options.
NB RWGPS: and 

For more information, read the Visit Westerville page dedicated to the Ohio to Erie Trail at
A shorter bypass is available by riding on the road using McCorkle Blvd which runs parallel to the trail section of the paving project. 

 July 15 Aug 1
 June 2 

  41.318553, -81.585879
OPEN WEEKENDS, Also when weather does not permit work.
Phase 2: O&E Canalway Towpath Weekday closure for Riverbank stabilization about 0.5 mile south of Station Road.  
No detour is available, view bypass options below.  Evaluate your own comfort with road riding and hills in your selection. 
WEEKDAY BYPASS, Not signed.  East or West alternatives: 
NB Options:
CVNP Weekday Towpath Closure Bypass (East side) - Northbound (Old Carriage Trail)

CVNP Weekday Towpath Closure Bypass (West side) - Northbound (Riverview Road)

SB Options:

CVNP Weekday Towpath Closure Bypass (East side) - Southbound (Old Carriage Trail)
CVNP Weekday Towpath Closure Bypass (West side) - Southbound (Riverview Road)

The closure is necessary for public safety while a contractor completes riverbank stabilization. Closure details are at
 May 22

(Mondays 5 am to Fridays 6 pm)
 Aug 2 
 April 3
LINK  39.522383, -84.085006
Corwin: SR 73 overpass, Road Bridge replacement. Trail will remain open to bicyclists and pedestrians. However, expect intermittent short-term trail closures. Scheduled completion Fall 2024.   Mar 4  Fall 2024
 Feb 3
LINK  39.602731, -84.009428
Little Miami Scenic Trail to remain open during bridge replacement project and the team is constructing a trail canopy under 42 with lighting. 
Be aware, there will likely be some intermittent, short-term closures, and specifically when US 42 will be closed for two, separate weekends for beam setting. The contractor will give a 1 week notice before these closure periods and we will post them here. 
Project article is at the LINK shown
 Feb 2, 2024  2025


Description and Name of Local Trail Closure
  2023      2023  2023  
 Nov 18
 LINK  41.488331, -81.704332 Route Change: Follow the Towpath Trail through Scranton Flats and along Carter Road. Cross the Carter Road Bridge and continue on the towpath to Canal Basin Park.  Exit the park on Center Street near the Swing Bridge. Cross the Center Street Swing Bridge and take Detroit Ave to the start of the Centennial Lake Link Trail.
The Ohio to Erie Trail route via Franklin Ave will be closed for the next two years due to the Irishtown Bend Stabilization Project.  Irishtown Bend is located between West 25th Street and the Cuyahoga River, and between Columbus Road and the Detroit Superior Bridge. Irishtown Bend Park is expected to be complete in 2026.
NEW 2 Page Handout Available for Download:Cleveland Handout  
Our interactive map offers an optional bypass, view it on the layer named "Route Alerts!"  
Sept 2023  Sept 2025
Aug 10
 LINK  39.965229, -83.022291
There is a 12 month closure of the Scioto Trail at Souder Ave to construct a bike-ped connector across the Scioto River.  There is a suitable marked detour provided which uses a new paved path. The length is 0.15 mile and both street crossings are manageable with a pedestrian signal provided to cross Souder Ave.  We provide the RWGPS for the 0.15 mile detour at
Aug 2023  Aug
June 29
NEWS  40.242711,
-82.852419 to
The new trail section is now open in Sunbury. For northbound, you can pick up the new trail at Cherry Street at location 40.242711, -82.852419. The trail goes over the Big Walnut Creek and has nice bump outs for viewing areas.  Even with this new trail, there will still be a 1/2 mile street connector section for the near future. Visit the NEWS link for details and supplemental map panels for NC4 and NC5.  Updated RidewithGPS files are available at  
NEW 2 Page Handout Available for Download:  Sunbury Handout




Please use caution on any wet wooden or composite trail bridge, many are VERY slippery after rain. Some boardwalk areas have signs to remind riders to dismount and walk and some do not have signs of warning.

Slippery Wet pavement marking


Please learn how to identify Poison Hemlock to avoid it if you encounter it.   Poison hemlock is one of the deadliest plants found in North America and is spreading rapidly within Ohio. 

READ ARTICLE Poison Hemlock

Read all Trail News at News / Articles

2024 and 2023 INACTIVE ALERTS


INFO GPS Description Began Ended
 June 6
 LINK  41.330260, -81.590224 TRAIL CLOSURE: The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail is closed between Station Road Bridge Trailhead in Brecksville and Frazee House in Valley View through 6 pm Friday June 28. The closure is necessary for public safety while the park completes trail resurfacing in follow-up to riverbank stabilization that finished in May. The park will also complete emergency repairs of a sinkhole south of Frazee House.

This will be a full closure. The trail will not be open during evenings and weekends. No detour is available.
The Eastern weekday bypass for the CVNP Towpath Closure south of Station Rd Bridge is an option, review alternatives in the alert below.
 June 6

(Temporarily Open June 21-23)
 June 28
at 6 pm
 June 17
 LINK  40.208176, -82.895041 Preservation Parks announced the Hoover Scenic Trail bridge at Plumb Road (over Old 3C) is closed for maintenance this week.The Park District is replacing fencing along the trail at the bridge.For a workaround, follow Old 3C between Plumb Road and Dustin Rd. The 1 mile NB RWGPS is at  June 17  June 25
 June 4
 LINK  39.492905, -84.101666 Closure on the Little Miami Scenic Trail for the rebuild of the trail bridge over the Caesar Creek. The Closure is between Middletown Road and Corwin Road. There is no detour, but Corwin Road is an optional bypass.  June 3  July 1
 June 7
 none  39.988501, -82.938694 Alum Creek Trail Closure, 0.8 mile of the Ohio to Erie Trail route is impacted, from the Downtown Connector to Airport Drive.
The trail will be temporarily closed for safety while repairs are being made between Airport Drive and Maryland Avenue, June 10 for several days.Trail users are asked to use their best judgement based on their abilities when planning alternate routes or travel during this closure.
 June 10  June 20 
March 23
 LINK  39.354658, -84.129997  Little Miami Scenic Trail has a closure in Morrow for the bridge restoration. Closure is between Front and Mill Streets. Marked detour available.  March 19  June 9
 June 2
 LINK  39.41988713334631, -84.10383440498944 ONE DAY CLOSURE: Wednesday June 5, there will be a 2 mile closure on the Little Miami State Park Trail for one day. It's the Oregonia area between SR 350 and Wilmington Road to the north.
No Detour or Bypass available.
 June 5  June 6
 April 3
LINK  41.062022, -81.541515 Open Weekends and Evenings Only
RE: Towpath Trail advisory north of Summit Lake - Updated closure
The contractor is continuing to set structural steel in the area of the Ohio & Erie Canal for the I-76/77 project. The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail will be closed beginning Monday, March 25 at 7:00 a.m. through Thursday, March 28 at 4:00 pm. Trail users should use the posted detour on Lake Shore Boulevard.
The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail will be closed along W. Bowery Street under the I-76 bridge for structural steel work. Monday-Friday.
 March 25  not stated
 March 15, 2024
 LINK  41.072560, -81.529474 Open Weekends and Evenings. Expect Closures during weekdays. In Akron, part of the Towpath Trail is closed due to removal of the Goodrich Smokestacks. Demolition project.The closed trail section is between the Spaghetti Warehouse510 S Main St bldg 33 and W. Barteges Street. See link for a workaround.

 October 16, 2023  TBD
 Sept 17
LINK  39.270489, -84.257295 Little Miami Scenic Trail in Loveland closure. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources will replace the pedestrian bridge over O’Bannon Creek. This is the bridge just north of Nisbet Park. The bridge will close Oct. 1, 2023 thru May 2024. There is no designated detour - the bike trail will remain open in the southbound direction from Nisbet Park and north of the bridge outage.  Oct 1, 2023  May 3, 2024
 April 3  LINK  40.375670, -82.449280 to
40.374948, -82.405736
After a month of trail closure for pipeline work, passage with caution is now possible. Users will be inconvenienced at some point in the future when new asphalt is applied.
Kokosing Gap Trail between Gambier and Mount Vernon will be for a few weeks for gas line work near the 3-mile mark. The trail is closed between Laymon Road (Brown Family Environmental Center) and the 2.5-mile mark (as measured from the CA&C Depot at 1 Columbus Road in Mount Vernon).
 March 4  April 3 (Temporary)

April 25 (Full restoration)
 Feb 15
LINK  41.089345, -81.518604 TOWPATH TRAIL ALERT
Due to a warehouse fire, the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail will be closed between Beech Street and North Street by Cascade Park until further notice. No Detour is available. For all the Ohio and Erie Canalways Alerts visit
 Feb 15  April
 March 25, 2024
LINK  41.344054, -81.592605 From Cuyahoga Valley National Park:  Alert! The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail is closed between Frazee House and Station Road Bridge Trailhead due to a sinkhole discovered in the canal near mile marker 15 creating unstable trail conditions. The closure will continue until able to be repaired.
Unstable conditions present, please do not attempt to pass through!
 March 24  April 10
 Jan 15, 2024 (Summit)  LINK  41.061429, -81.541856  Towpath closure for bridge construction above the trail, Jan 15-18.

Please be advised that the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail will be closed to trail users north of Summit Lake between January 15, 2024 at 6:00 a.m. to January 18, 2024 at 4:00 p.m. for I-76/77 bridge work. Trail users should follow the posted detour on Lake Shore Boulevard. Jan 15 Jan 18

Jan 15   Jan 18
 2023  2023  2023  2023 2023   2023
Sept 28, 2023
LINK  39.351294,

As the project has progressed, people have been able to 
WALK bikes through project area around the Grandin Road roundabout. Be cautious and take directions from any construction workers on site.
A portion of the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail at the Grandin Road crossing is currently closed and will remain closed for 2023. The Peter’s Cartridge Factory Apartments and Cartridge Brewing can still be accessed from the southwest on the trail.
March 2022 December 2023
 Oct 19
LINK  41.072560, -81.529474  INTERMITTENT CLOSURE: In Akron, part of the Towpath Trail is closed due to removal of the Goodrich Smokestacks. Demolition project scheduled to last until mid-November. The closed trail section is between the Spaghetti Warehouse510 S Main St bldg 33 and W. Barteges Street. No detour is provided.
Our interactive map offers an optional bypass, view it on the layer named"Route Alerts!"
October 16, 2023 Mid-December  2023
 Nov 17
LINK  40.448258, -82.249806  Beginning on Monday, November 20, the Mohican Valley Trail from the Mohican Valley Trailhead Bridge at 402 East Street in Danville to the Buckeye Road parking lot will be closed for necessary repairs. The Knox County Park District in conjunction with the Knox County Commissioners will be underwriting the cost of the Trailhead Bridge repairs. We will post updates as the project progresses. Thank you for your patience and understanding in our efforts to maintain safety on the trail.   Nov 20  Nov 28
 Nov 10
LINK  39.886767, -83.424159 The Roberts Pass section of the Ohio to Erie Trail will be closed starting next Monday (11/13) morning through the end of the day Tuesday (11/14). There is a not-too-difficult detour - see the attached map - using the side road just east of EliteFTS that connects to 665/Center Street and the Roberts Pass trailhead at the paver lot that comes off of Center Street in London. Nov 13   Nov 14
 Oct 16
 LINK  39.966648, -83.059144  Hilltop Connector route on Harper Road West of McKinley Ave will be closed for 7 days. The closure is on the street route east of the Camp Chase Trail and west of the Scioto Greenway.ODOT is closing Harper Rd west of McKinley to fix the highway overpass.
Signed Detour available.

The detour is on roads with decent surfaces, but someindustrial traffic, this 1.5 mile section replaces a 1.1 mile section of trail route. The northbound and southbound detour is as follows.
NB: At Hague Ave, go left on the sidepath toward Valleyview Drive at that intersection enter the road and continue north on Hague Ave. At Harrison Rd go right (east) to McKinley Ave and go right (south), then at trail crossing, use crosswalk and continue east on the Scioto Trail
SB: at McKinley Ave, go right (north) to Harrison Road where you turn left to go west. At Hague Ave, go left (south) toward Valleyview Drive at the intersection with Valleyview, join the southbound sidepath on the west side of Hague Ave. Once you cross the raliroad tracks, rejoin the OTET by turning right (west) on the Camp Chase Trail.
 Oct 22  Oct 29
 Oct 6
LINK  41.427740, -81.665363 TO
41.447293, -81.682776
 The Towpath Trail will be temporarily closed between Harvard Ave. and the CanalWay Center within the Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation, Oct. 9-11 for First Energy transmission line repair work. The trail is scheduled to open on Oct. 12.
This will not impact The Towpath Marathon.
Bypass:Riders can follow an on-road detour using Harvard Avenue, E. 49thStreet and the All Purpose Trail along E. 49th Street and throughout the Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation.
Find a detour map on our website here:
 Oct 9  Oct 12
 Sept 26
   40.238343, -82.860467 1 day closure on the Sandel Legacy Trail south of Sunbury for Preservation Parks to install asphalt sealer.The trail will be closed to the public on the 4th and will be reopened the morning of October 5th. (Weather permitting).
Workaround: For NB, go right onArrowhead, left on Old 3C and right on Vernon St. and continue north on the Sunbury Road section. Turn right on Cherry Street for 1/4 mile and turn left on the trail at 40.242711, -82.852419.
 Oct 4  Oct 5
 Sept 29
LINK  40.046414,
Alum Creek Trail closure between Easton Way and Innis Road for bridge replacement and creek embankment work. The bridge is east of Champions Golf Course. There is NO designated detour. On weekends people have crossed on the gravel path/work bridge when the water is low.
For possible workarounds
ACT options
May 1 Sep 29
 Sept 18
LINK  40.082603, -83.034824
40.089162, -83.034963
 Alum Creek Trail/Caboose Route Alternate closure. DuringSeptember 25-28, the Caboose Route using the Olentangy Trail will have a closure north of Antrim Park for resurfacing. During this time the OLAC route is a good option to bypass the ongoing Alum Creek Trail closure due to the bridge replacement project. For NB, use the Olentangy Trail and go east at the Broadmeadows bridge (40.074271, -83.035277)and follow the signs for the Olentangy and Alum Creek Connector (OLAC).
Route details are at
 Sep 25  Sep 28
 Aug 25

 LINK  41.070483, -81.531282 TO
41.074468, -81.526203
 TOWPATH TRAIL UPDATE 8/25 (Akron): Closure on the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail between Bartges and the AES Building. The temporary detour is needed so that contractors can safely remove an old aerial utility crossing the Towpath and Canal. The detour path will start at the Bartges trailhead to S Main Street, and then back to the Towpath from the path between the AES building and Spaghetti Warehouse.
Signs will be posted for the detour. If you have any questions, please contact Mike Wytrzyszczewski with the City of Akron at 330-812-7552.
Aug 28   Sept 4
 Aug 12

 LINK  39.493199, -84.101413 to
39.498042, -84.097481
 Little Miami Scenic Trail Bridge Replacement Project.The trail is closed at Mile Marker 16.5 (Corwin Rd and Middletown Rd.) for 1/4 mile between the two Corwin Rd. crossings for bridge repair, possibly long term closure. Riders willing to assume responsibility for traveling on a road with motor vehicles can take Corwin Road for a 1/4-mile around the closure and then get back on the trail. Please always be safe and obey all traffic laws.  Aug 10  Sept 5
 Aug 18

LINK  40.555517, -81.921861  The Holmes County Trail has a closure by the Hipp Station Depot in Millersburg because of a stormwater project. The original plan had been to keep one lane open the entire time, but due to an unanticipated issue, both lanes must be closed for safety reasons.
NB: Exit at W. Clinton St and travel south to Jackson St and then west to Crissey Memorial Swimming Pool, 430 W Jackson St, Millersburg, OH 44654 which has a connection to the trail. SB: exit by the pool and re-enter at Clinton.
 Aug 16  Aug 25
 Aug 18

 LINK  41.352813,
-81.592616 to
Trail Open on WEEKENDS!
The barriers are down as of July 26, but there will be intermittent closures during Monday-Friday until Aug 24 to finish the chip and seal. -
Cuyahoga Valley National Park will close the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail between Station Road Bridge Trailhead in Brecksville and Frazee House in Valley View. The month-long closure is necessary for public safety while a contractor completes a major resurfacing project.
No detour is available.
CVNP Closure/Cancellation Hotline: 440-546-5960
Our interactive map offers several bypass options. Use the layer named"Route Alerts!"

Century Cycles posted 2 workarounds, but it is on sometimes busy roads, so assess your own level of comfort.
Century Cycles Ideas
 July 5  Aug 24
 Aug 14

 LINK  40.233803, -82.868110 Preservation Parks will need to close the Ohio to Erie Trail for one day on August 16th for asphalt sealing (pending good weather). See attached exhibit. Trail users can use Arrowhead Drive and South Columbus Street, if they are comfortable with riding on roads.Aug 161 day weather permitting  Aug 16  Aug 17
 Aug 2

 LINK  40.000943, -83.018195  FOR THE ALTERNATES WHICH USE THE OLENTANGY TRAIL: From The Ohio State University: August 4 to 12, the Olentangy Trail reroute will be moved east to Tuttle Park Place due to heavy-event traffic anticipated in the area.Concerts are scheduled in Ohio Stadium on August 5, 8, 11 and 12.
The adjustment will be in place throughout this time as event preparations occur and event-related traffic increases. A map is available online at the LINK shown.
 Aug 4  Aug 12
 July 30

 LINK below Interstate 76.
approximately 41.061992,-81.541512
The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail will be closed under Interstate 76 at West Bowery Street on Tuesday, August 1, 2023 from 7am-3pm for bridge work.  Tues
Aug 1 7am-3pm
Aug 2 
 June 26

 LINK  40.878230,
 A culvert replacement that is expectedto take multiple days (weather dependent)just south of Lock 4 Trailhead will close theTowpath Trail between Butterbridge Rd. andLock 4. Users should use the Olde Muskingum Trailon the west side of the river as a detour between Butterbridge Rd. and Cherry St. in Canal Fulton. June 26   June 30
Mar 10   39.972340,
-82.990134  TO  
Columbus Downtown Connector trail resurfacing and tree planting.  2 miles between Cleveland Avenue and the Leonard Avenue/bridge over I-670. 
(TRAIL CLOSURES will be Intermittent)
Detour: A detour for bicyclists will be provided using Leonard Avenue during trail closure.
March 7, 2023  June 2023
May 17    40.811269, 
UPDATE: Starting on 8 April 2023 the Massillon Levee Construction area between Tremont Ave and Lake Ave will be open to cyclists on weekends. 
LEVEE PROJECT: Trail closure in Massillon at the Towpath Trail. A detour is posted on the website of Ernie's Bike shop in the LINK.
 2021  May 17, 2023
May 3     40.026841, -82.936327  The work on the connector trail from Agler Rd to the Alum Creek Trail is nearly complete.  We have work planned that will impact the Alum Creek Trail and will require a closure.  The work is only expected to last one day and is weather permitting.  We will have advanced trail closure signage in place.  May 8    May 9
 Apr 14    41.255176, -81.550167  A section of Towpath Trail will be closed from the Boston Trailhead parking lot (the gravel overflow lot) to the Lock 29 Trailhead parking lot in Peninsula. Both parking lots will remain open. A crew will be repairing damage caused by riverbank erosion.  Apr 19  Apr 20
 Apr 19    40.345838, -82.630652  The Heart of Ohio Trail will be closed at Mount Liberty for blacktop repair. We appreciate your patience as we improve the experience for everyone utilizing the trails  Apr 24  Apr 25
 Apr 18    40.264817, -82.767702 Delaware County Bridge repair on the Ohio to Erie Trail between Meredith State Road and N. County Line Road.  Signs will be posted at the closure.     April 23
Apr 10   40.347481, -82.570873
40.381611, -82.494967
The Heart of Ohio Trail between Graham Road and Pittsburgh Avenue in Mount Vernon will be closed for sealing the trail with BioRestore. Asphalt Systems of Ohio, Inc. is contracted to perform this necessary work on the Heart of Ohio Trail, part of the Ohio to Erie Trail/Great American Rail-Trail. Plan on this closure being an all-day closure.

   April 13
Apr 10    40.280065, -82.741829 Prescribed burn scheduled, short term trail closure
At Newell Family Preserve in Licking County, the HOOT is closed between Huffman Road in Knox County and Newell Preserve in Licking County.  The parking lot at Newell Family Preserve will also be closed during the prescribed fire. Remember these closures are short in duration until the trail is deemed passable.
   April 13
Mar 31  LINK  39.270486,
Loveland, Nisbet Park area: The O’Bannon Creek Bridge will be closed during March, open during April then CLOSED May to October. There is no designated detour.
Our Interactive Map provides an optional O'Bannon Creek Bridge Bypass, use the layer named "Route Alerts!"
October 2023 TBD

Feb 26

LOOK at LMST closures

Little Miami Scenic Trail Closures, Beginning Monday March 6, 2023 the Little Miami Scenic Trail will be closed for up to seven days between the Newtown Road tunnel and Avoca Trailhead in order to replace a drainage culvert.  Our interactive map offers an optional bypass. Use the layer named "Route Alerts!" March 6, 2023 seven work days



The Quick Link for this page is

or check the footer menu for the "Trail Alerts" link

There is also a helpful layer named  "Route Alerts!" on the  Interactive Map 

"Is there a Detour? What is a Bypass?"

If a work team designates an official signed detour, we post it, but sometimes with trail work, there is no detour because there is no comparable way around the project.   

For longer projects, our interactive map may show a bypass, but it will have some road riding and it won't be signed.  

Peer Group Help


Time sensitive Route Assistance:

We recommend visiting the peer to peer Trail Enthusiasts facebook group for quick assistance. 

Go to this link  

Read ALERTS posts at  News and Events 

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2023 Alerts

2023 Alerts are listed on the Inactive Alerts Page

2023 Alerts

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2022 Alerts


Extended 2022-23 Closures 

Little Miami Scenic Trail at Grandin Road - CLOSURE, 2022-2023  Miami Valley Trails Blog

Massillon Levy Reconstruction CLOSURE until June 2023 Get Workaround at where you can Download Printable Directions.  

Route Alert 11/7/22 

From Franklin County Engineer: Due to the ongoing Agler Road Bridge over Alum Creek Improvement project, the Alum Creek Trail under the bridge will be closed tomorrow, November 8, 2022 and November 9, 2022, from 7:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., weather permitting.

Route Alert 9/21/22 

New Route in Southeast Cincinnati, Read about the Beechmont Ave Connector in our News. Beechmont Connector

Route Alert 8/19/22 

Franklin County, Alum Creek Trail

The Alum Creek Trail under Agler Road will be closed on August 22 from 10 AM to 9 PM and August 23 from 7AM to 9 PM. Read “Agler Road To Close Between Westerville Road and Sunbury Road for Bridge Improvements” ARTICLE

Route Alert 7/12/22 

Franklin County, Alum Creek Trail

Due to construction work on the Agler Road bridge over the Alum Creek, the Alum Creek Trail will be closed on July 20 and 21 (Wednesday and Thursday). There will also be electronic message boards alerting trail users near the bridge. It is expected that this project will have brief travel delays, but not full trail closure. Enter the area with caution and proceed when directed to go through.

Route Alert 6/17/22

Knox County was impacted by the severe storm the evening of June 13. Clearing will take time and trail users are advised to stay vigilant and find a nearby road if you encounter a blocked area. Crews have been working this week to clear the trails of an unprecedented number of downed trees and debris. Knox County Park district staff, Heart of Ohio Trail, and Kokosing Gap Trail friends’ groups have been working hard in this oppressive heat to open the trails. The Heart of Ohio Trail, Kokosing Gap Trail, and Mohican Valley Trail were impacted.

A huge thank you goes out to these folks who maintain and improve the county’s trails, part of the Ohio to Erie Trail and the Great American Rail-Trail.

Please visit the following on Facebook for the current status and plan your visit accordingly.

Route Alert 6/17/22 

Delaware County: Genoa Township; (Update) We will reopen the trail earlier than previously planned (good news!), but (bad news) it will have to close again Monday June 20 for finishing. Please use caution as there is a temporary change in the level of the asphalt. (This section of trail is a little more than a mile between Big Walnut and Lewis Center Road). Details and an image are on the Genoa Twp Facebook page at this LINK

Route Alert 6/3/22

The newest segment linking Delaware, Licking and Knox Counties is NOW open!  New Trail Guides will be printed this Fall and until then, an updated NC4 map panel is now available for download here.

Northbound NC4 Map

Southbound NC4 Map

Route Alert 6/1/22

Summit County: The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail just north of Summit Lake by Russell Avenue to South Street will be closed due to construction starting on the morning of Monday, June 6th. It will reopen on the morning on Monday, June 20th. – Ohio & Erie Canalway Facebook post

Route Alert 6/6/22 (update)


Franklin County: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Agler Road WILL NOT be closing today, Monday, June 6, 2022. We hope to reschedule this closure soon and will share the information when it is available.

Franklin County: June 6 to mid-August. 

Alum Creek trail will have intermittent closures for the Agler Road bridge work and trailhead addition. There is no official detour and we will add details of a work around when we have one. 

The project will add a trailhead to access the Alum Creek Trail southwest of the bridge.   During construction, the Alum Creek Trail can be closed up to 8 times for up to 14 days. The contractor is required to give a week’s notice prior to each closure.

Route Alert 5/9/22

Between Xenia Station and Selma (Greene/Clark Co. line), there will be trail paving May 9 to July 1. The sign says 7 AM – 4 PM Monday-Friday closures.

Signs are up near Xenia Station, Cedarville (2), and one just west of Selma. Detour information will be added to the post as we learn more.  READ ARTICLE at

Route Alert 3/10/22

November 2021: A new section of trail was completed in Delaware County northeast of Sunbury. Although new Trail Guides won’t be printed until the Fall of 2022, an updated NC4 map panel is now available for download here.

Northbound NC4 Map

Southbound NC4 Map

Please note that the remaining section of the trail will connect to the Heart of Ohio Trail by June of 2022.  (Insert replaces Map panel NC4)

Route Information – 2/25/22

The Grandin Road bridge replacement in Warren County will have periodic closures of the Little Miami Scenic Trail over the next 18 months. Learn more by reading this Dayton Daily News ARTICLE  read the May 9, 2022 UPDATE

Route Assistance 2/15/22

Trail visitors have asked for additional tools for finding their way in Franklin County/Columbus. Go to this Columbus Navigation Page for details.

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Alerts before 2021

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Route Updates 11/15/19

Galena Northbound updated section (Map panel NC5)

Galena Southbound updated section (Map panel NC5)


Route Updates 8/31/18

The Cleveland area has a lot of progress going on and will continue to change until 2020.

The information located on this map pertains to panel N1 just before you get to the Lakefront area.

The information located on this map pertains to panel N2 in the Jennings Rd./Steelyard Commons area.


Route Updates as of 11-1-17

This web site no longer supports the OTET Maps sold prior to 2-2017. So many changes along the Ohio to Erie Trail route makes up-dates entirely too cumbersome. New Tour Guides are available in the web site store.

North Region – Panel N3 – Akron – a section of the Ohio to Erie Trail known as the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Akron has a one-mile detour between the current Memorial Parkway and Mustill Store Trailheads. The detour uses Hickory Street to the west of the Trail until 2018 during construction. This detour of Towpath Trail and Ohio to Erie Trail does provide a safe, easily identifiable and mostly accessible trail for hikers and bicyclists. There are short sections that involve steep grades along the Maple Street Connector of the new route – 10% & 15% – where walking a bike may be preferred. It is signed. Also note that the area in Akron has no Route 1 signs. We are still working with the folks there to realize the OTET is STATE wide.

North Central Region – Panel NC1 North of Mohican Valley Trail – This panel shows a new section of the Holmes County Trail from the Mohican Valley Trail to Glenmont that is now opened! Follow Route 1 signs to Killbuck on Route 520.

North Central Region – Panels NC5 and NC6 – Westerville City  – note that in the City of Westerville there are plenty of very nice white and green signs that say Ohio to Erie Trail and other OTET signs that are high on poles or on lower sign panels. There are NO route 1 signs for about 6 miles through this busy city but most of the trail is on the Westerville Bike and Hike Path. Watch carefully for the signs for OTET. They have an abundance of the US BR 50 signs and it does follow the OTET for much of the way but it goes east and OTET goes northeast. The OTET Tour Guides will take you through, so follow them!

South Region – Panels S4, 5 & 6 -Cincinnati – this is a navigation clarifications and not route changes from the tour guide.  Two areas need traveler attention. Going towards Cincinnati after turning on to Kellogg Avenue from Carrel, in one-half mile the trail goes left (south) around the back of the school on stilts and not straight on Kellogg Avenue. While the trail returns to Kellogg/Riverside Drive later, this beautiful one mile trail section winds along the Ohio River where there are ball fields and a boat ramp with very little car traffic compared to Kellogg. When the trail ends at Corbin, turn right for one block and you are back on Kellogg which now has become Riverside Drive to the city and it is well marked. Turn left at Riverside and Corbin toward downtown Cincinnati.



Traveling to Cincinnati by Airplane? – Go to our page Planning Your Trip for details on how to get from the Cincinnati/Covington (CVG) Airport in Northern Kentucky to downtown Cincinnati and the start of the Ohio to Erie Trail. We have outlined the available bus transportation from the Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky and detailed a bicycle route for the 12 miles.

Navigating the Trail – some clarifications are for only north or only south travelers…

Cincinnati – these first two alerts are navigation clarifications and not route changes from the trail guide maps. Southern Region OTET Tour Guide Map, – Panels S-4 and S5.  Two areas need traveler attention.

1. Going south towards Cincinnati after turning on to Kellogg Avenue from Carrel, in one-half mile the trail goes left (south) around the back of the school on stilts and not straight on Kellogg Avenue. While the trail returns to Kellogg/Riverside Drive later, this beautiful one mile trail section winds along the Ohio River where there are ball fields and a boat ramp with very little car traffic compared to Kellogg. Kellogg and then Riverside Drive have a bike lane on the road, but the OTET goes behind the school with the Ohio River Trail. When the trail ends at Carrel, turn right and in a block you are back on Kellogg which now has become Riverside Drive to the city and it is well marked. This is visible in the Southern Region Map of the OTET Tour Guide, Panel S4 – Linwood-Hyde Park.

2. Traveling south – The route 1 bicycle sign at Bain and Riverside at the red light to cross and enter the OTET at Berry International Friendship Park is missing but the trail is easily visible on the south side of Riverside Drive. It is possible to stay on Riverside and catch the trail at other places, but the easiest is to take this first sign of a trail on your left. Do not go east on the Lunken Trail but continue south on the new concrete construction on the west side of Lunken Airport. This is visible in the  Southern Region Map of the OTET Tour Guide, panel S5 – Ohio River Trail.

Galena – NC5 – We now have the old Ohio to Erie Route 1 THRU Galena marked as an Alternate Route so that visitors can go through town, eat at the restaurants and certainly visit the Hoover Boardwalk. The ALT route brings travelers right back to the new route going south and going north. Do not miss the Galena Brick Trail (a huge brick factory once existed in the area next to the trail) that goes over Little Walnut Creek.

Columbus to Westerville – NC5 and NC6 of the North Central Region Tour Guide – note that through Westerville (below Maxtown Road to Alum Creek Trail north to south and south to north), a distance of six miles, the City has nice decorative signs on poles as well as on signs at intersections, but no Ohio Bicycle Route 1 signs. They have recently (8-5-17) installed the older and smaller Ohio to Erie Trail signs with the map of Ohio. These signs will guide travelers through the city’s many turns and streets. So look for the white and green signs that read “Ohio to Erie Trail” and have the map of Ohio on them.

North Central Region Map, OTET Tour Guide panel NC1 (Killbuck to Glenmont) – The tour guides are accurate for the newly opened 9-1-17 section of the Holmes County Trail. This 8-mile section between Brinkhaven and Glenmont is now open which takes the Ohio to Erie Trail route off Route 62 and several rural roads so we will then utilize Route 520 until the final Trail section is paved from Glenmont to Killbuck. The remaining right-of-way has been secured and funding for the final 10 miles is all but complete.. When finished this part of the Holmes County Trail will eliminate road travel completely along the approximate 16 miles from the Bridge of Dreams to Killbuck, to Millersburg and north! Currently, the OTET Tour Guide does show this newest section that has been paved AND the current road route that is still marked with Route 1 Bicycle signs.

Northern Region Tour Guide, Panel Map 1 – Panel N4 – Akron – since November 2015, the section of the Ohio to Erie Trail known as the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Akron had had a one-mile detour between the current Memorial Parkway and Mustill Store Trailheads. The detour uses Hickory Street to the west of the Trail for three-years during the construction of a waterway project. This detour route for the Towpath Trail and Ohio to Erie Trail does provides a safe, easily identifiable and mostly accessible trail for hikers and bicyclists. Note: There are short sections that involve steep grades along the Maple Street Connector of the new route – 10% & 15% – where walking a bike may be preferred. Follow the temporary signs. Use this link to see a video of the detour by bicycle.

South Central Ohio Region of Tour Guide – Panel SC4 – Darby Creek Drive – London – going north from Georgesville, the Camp Chase Trail is completed all the way to Sullivant Avenue where the route turns left (west) for only a couple hundred feet to Industrial Road. At that light, the trail route heads north and east on Industrial for only one mile until it comes to a light at Georgesville Rd. where the route takes a right (south) turn and continues to follow the Camp Chase Trail east for 3 miles until it crosses Broad Street on an overpass and ends up at N. Eureka. Proceed north on Eureka Ave – east on Valleyview (becomes Highland then Harper).  Cross McKinley Ave and enter the Scioto Greenway trail via the Hilltop Connector Bridge, at the end of the connector bridge go LEFT at the fork to follow the Scioto Greenway Trail toward downtown where you connect to the Northbound Olentangy Trail at the Confluence (The Boathouse). NOTE…one you reach the Hilltop Connector, you no longer take the Olentangy Trail north, but instead take the Scioto River Greenway east into Columbus. This is on panel SC3 of the South Central Region Map of the OTET Tour Guide.

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