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Navigation detail through Columbus

Download Columbus Northbound Turn-by-Turn Directions

START — Camp Chase Trail at Georgesville Road

Head northeast on Camp Chase Trail –                                0.593 mi

Slight right to stay on Camp Chase Trail –                            2.33 mi

Turn left onto N Eureka Ave –                                                292 ft

Turn right onto Valleyview Dr –                                              682 ft

Continue onto N Highland Ave –                                            896 ft

Continue onto Harper Rd –                                                     1,053 ft

Turn left onto McKinley Ave –                                                52 ft

Turn right onto Hilltop Connector –                                        0.277 mi

Slight left onto Lower Scioto Greenway                               0.785 mi

Turn left to stay on Lower Scioto Greenway                        1.51 mi

Turn left to stay on Lower Scioto Greenway                                  659 ft

Turn right to stay on Lower Scioto Greenway                      0.496 mi

Keep left to stay on Lower Scioto Greenway                       344 ft

Turn left toward W Long St                                                   43 ft

Turn right onto W Long St                                                     72 ft

Turn left onto Neil Ave                                                           974 ft

Turn right onto W Nationwide Blvd                                       0.649 mi

Continue onto E Naghten St                                                 0.365 mi

Turn left onto Cleveland Ave                                                 0.422 mi

Turn right onto Downtown Connector/Jack Gibbs Blvd

Continue to follow Downtown Connector                             2.08 mi

Turn right onto Alum Creek Trail

END — Intersection of Alum Creek Trail and Downtown Connector


To view more detail on the Columbus route go to the RidewithGPS files and download to your device.  These files cover the 8.2 mile route in Columbus and are offered in either Northbound or Southbound options.  Want a turn by turn cue sheet?  Go to the route link shown and click MORE in the upper left and choose “Print Cue Sheet”   

START: Camp Chase Trail at N. Eureka Ave and END: Alum Creek Trail.

START: Alum Creek Trail and END: Camp Chase Trail at N. Eureka Ave

To see this route on our navigation files that mirror the printed map guide,  click Columbus North Central and Columbus South Central map sections and zoom in.  

Columbus North

Columbus South