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FLMSP Trail Mail, March 2023

Ohio to Erie Trail Office | Published on 4/16/2023
March 2023
Trail Mail
Where Am I? The 1891 Bridge
by Rick Forrester

For all you adventurists who have given up on Geocaching, Pokémon Go, or Ingress to look for hidden treasures somewhere out in the 52 miles of Little Miami park wilderness, here is a little jewel to find:
The “1891 Bridge” is a beautiful roman archway with deep clear running pools on both sides of the trail.“1891” is inscribed on the arch.It is a marvel of engineering with precisely cut stones.So, where am I? Answer in next month's Trail Mail.
Construction Updates
King Ave. Bridge Project

The trail remainsclosedat the Grandin Rd. intersection (Peters Cartridge Factory) for continued construction of a new bridge and relocation of a section of trail.

These photos show the new bridge going up over the river. According to the Warren County Engineer’s Office, the northern end of the trail relocation and parking lot construction is slated over the next 3 months or so, and the southern end of the trail relocation will not be able to take place until the existing bridge over the river is removed.The existing bridge removal is planned for July through September of this year, with the southern trail relocation following this work.The Engineer’s Office hopes to have the trail and parking lot open at some point later this fall.Progress reports are available on ourFLMSP websiteand on theWarren County Engineer’s project site.

Photo, top: new bridge with Peters Cartridge Factory at right
Photo above: new bridge as seen from old bridge, looking north. The trail will be relocated through an underpass already in place at the right end of the bridge.
O'Bannon Creek Bridge, Loveland

Due to a change in construction plans, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) hasreopenedthe Little Miami Scenic Trail at the O'Bannon Creek Bridge just south of downtown Loveland. The bridge was closed in March as part of a project to replace the structure.

The O’Bannon Bridge was originally scheduled to be shut down and replaced from May to October. While there are currently no concerns with the structural safety of the bridge, ODNR – in coordination with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) – will monitor the structural integrity of the bridge. If it is deemed unsafe for pedestrian traffic by inspectors, it will be closed.
Safe Trails:Toppling Trees
by Erick Wikum

The trees that line the Little Miami Scenic Trail provide natural beauty and protection from wind and sun. In recent days, wet weather and high winds have combined to topple numerous trees along the trail. The bench pictured here, located between South Lebanon and Morrow, took a direct hit.

Here are three tips for protecting yourself and fellow trail users from tree-related mayhem:

  1. Avoid the trail during high winds, especially after soaking rains.
  2. Remain alert when using the trail so that you can react to trees or branches encroaching on the trail.
  3. Report a downed tree by sending a text message to the Trail Hotline at (513) 212-6958. Send a picture, describe the situation, and note the nearest milepost.(Take a minute now to add the Trail Hotline to your phone’s address book.)

Regarding the damaged bench pictured above, our FLMSP Bench volunteers have already recovered boards from the bench and ordered new supports.
Kiosk Volunteers Needed
We’re looking for volunteers to adopt our newest park kiosks at Corwin (pictured) and Morrow.

Maintaining the kiosks involves updating postings on the bulletin boards with materials supplied in part by FLMSP and ODNR, and keeping holders filled with brochures we will supply. You’re welcome to provide your own creative touches as well. Want to help the trail but chainsaws aren’t your thing? Here’s a great opportunity! Pleasecontact Becky
Taking the Boards
New Fence Crew members Steve Hobart and Fritz Buschmann (both on the left) tackle their first project: reclaiming lumber from mile marker 25 (Fort Ancient) to be used to repair damaged fences at mile marker 35 (north of Grandin Rd.) and mile marker 23 (Senior Rd.).George Stockham (FLMSP) and Casey (ODNR) were there to help the new guys learn the ropes . . . er, boards.
National Trails Day: Join In!
Hike or Bike in this annual event.
The Buckeye Trail follows almost the entire Little Miami Trail, and on June 3, National Trails Day, The Buckeye Trail Association plans to have every mile of the 1400 miles around the trail hiked in one day.Biking the trail counts on that day!Join us to make sure our local section of the trail is covered:see more informationhere.
If you have questions, feel free to contact Diane Wright, the local section supervisor,
Remembering Trail Advocate Dick Higgins
This historic 1970s photo shows early advocates for our trail. Dick Higgins is second from the right, wearing a tie. We are indebted to Dick and the others whose labors provided us with this beautiful, well-loved treasure.
We are saddened to report the passing of trail advocateRichard Higginson March 20. Dick was president of Little Miami Inc. (now Little Miami Conservancy) in the late 1970s when it led the effort in Washington DC and Columbus to raise support and funding for the transformation of the old Little Miami/Penn Central railroad tracks into the multi-use Little Miami Scenic Trail we enjoy today, making it Ohio’s first Rails to Trails project.

Are You Renewed?

If you haven't yet joined or renewed your annual membership for calendar year 2023, please donate now! All members will receive an invitation to our Annual Meeting on May 7.

Membership donations support our dedicated volunteers with debris blowers and tools and the gas to run them, plants and baby trees to restore native species in the park, and lots more. Thank you for your support!
FLMSP in the Press

Friends of the Little Miami State Park is featured in the April issue of Loveland Lifestyle Magazine. Viewthe online versionand see page 36.
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