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Webinar Feb '23 on Exploring the Ohio to Erie Trail by E-bike

Ohio to Erie Trail Office | Published on 2/22/2023

Webinar Recording is available for viewing at


Exploring the Ohio to Erie Trail by E-bike

E-bikes open the world of cycling and touring the Buckeye State by bike to people of all ages and abilities. A panel of E-bike enthusiasts shares their joys and experiences encountered on the 326 miles of the Ohio to Erie Trail. These enthusiasts discuss the unique issues e-cyclists need to factor into their day or multi-day tour including the availability of battery charging and mileage limited by battery range, terrain, and cycling style.

This is part of the Winter 2023 Ohio to Erie Trail webinar series. Join us on selected dates during January, February, March, and April. All webinars are recorded and will be published on the Ohio to Erie Trail YouTube channel for future viewing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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January 27, 2023: Ohio to Erie Trail President, Tom Bilcze shares a blog post looking at the growing e-bike community.   Tom on the Trails     
Visit the Plan Your Trip page for multiple helpful resources like the list of Bike Shops at

Q and A from the Webinar


Q: Are eBikes allowed on the Ohio to Erie Trail?
A: The Ohio law that relates to eBikes, says that Class 1 and 2 are allowed on trails which permit bicycles.

Q: Do you ever try to charge during a lunch / mid-day break? 
A: Some trailhead shelters have electric outlets, for example in London at the Prairie Grass Trailhead.
Diners and such may have outlets. Other businesses also. Best to monitor your level remaining and know your range.  You may need to stop in a FastFood location for a charge, but it can take some time.  Staying at a Hotel with electric is best.  Also you may want to carry a spare battery to swap in.

Q: I am part of a group planning to ride end to end. How can I connect with those who have riden this trail.  I am the only ebiker in the group.  Average age is 68
A: There is a facebook group of trail enthusiasts where people share stories and could be a resource for you.


Q and A, continued


Q: Can you find a hostel or reasonable motel every 50 miles?
A: There are many options for lodging, hotels, airbnbs, cabins along the trail.  See

Q: Do hotels let you bring your e-bike into your room?
A: Most places allow you to bring the bike in your room or provide secure bike parking

Q: Are there places to camp on the trail?  
A: Yes, they are posted at

Comment: Another disadvantage of the ebike, is that bystanders don't expect your speed or acceleration.
Response: Yes, it is important for eBike riders to give an audible warning when passing, ring a Bell or say "On your left". 

(Giving an audible warning is advice which applies to any trail user who is overtaking a slower trail visitor.) 


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February 22: Exploring the Ohio to Erie Trail by E-bike  
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