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Webinar Jan '23 on Navigation Tips and Resources

Ohio to Erie Trail Office | Published on 1/22/2023

Webinar Recording is available for viewing at 

A question to ponder as you embark on the adventure is to clarify your expectations.
Are you expecting the Ohio to Erie Trail to be as easy to follow as a linear highway?
How do you handle a modification in your plans?
Do you like puzzles and scavenger hunts?
One perspective is that the Ohio to Erie Trail is the true reward when you follow the treasure map. Enjoy the adventure
Sharing a firsthand story of bike packing on the Ohio to Erie Trail. This article is from 2019 and there are a few updates. Specifically, the camp area at the bridge of dreams is now at the Danville trailhead. Also our guide is $18.
Author: Jim Rahtz
10 hints for navigating Franklin County (Greater Columbus)

For Franklin County northbound, you will be going east until you get to the Alum Creek Trail, THEN go north.   
When you are on the main trails there will normally be a dashed yellow dividing line in the center of the trail. 

RESOURCE:  FRANKLIN COUNTY HINTS 10 HINTS  << for the spreadsheet
PDF 10 Hints for the Franklin County Route  << View HINTS as a PDF file

Want to know where the streets and roads section are?  Here is the document with the details:   Streets and Roads Guide

Westerville CROP State and Electric Trail by boulder
A most appreciated "Pro Tip" is information about the northbound trail access at S. State Street and Electric Ave in Westerville. 
Here is the location on google maps and there are photos from various perspectives.

Look for the red brick path and the Boulder with the Ohio to Erie Trail plaque, dated 2004. 

Westerville Trail and Boulder

Resources available on the Plan Your Trip page of our website. The page is updated periodically, so if you print it out, keep an eye on the date at the bottom of the page.
The short link for the plan your trip page is
This page has links to the following topics:
Interactive Map, Order Paper Trail Guide, Business Directory, Campsites List, Lodging, Shuttle, Attractions, Amenities, Bike Shops, Distance planner, Logo Shirts, Trail ALERTS, Streets and Roads on the route, End-to-End Tours, Parking Ideas, 326 Club - End to End, YouTube video on using the Interactive map, Trail Shop, Destinations and Itineraries.
For questions you may want to read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Join the FB Enthusiasts page, Contact the Ohio to Erie Trail. ClubMembers have the ability to post questions on the DIY plan your trip forum.

Practice Exercises


Q1: Using the Slider menu or the top menu, go to the map panel in the brochure.  On the map, what is the town to the north of Mount Vernon? 


Q2: What are the current trail alerts?


Q3: How can I join the Trail Enthusiasts Facebook Group?


Q4: Where is the 326 Club page for past years? 

Q5: Where is the Plan Your Trip (PYT) Page?

Q6: Where would you find the Camping List?

Q7: Where is the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section? 

Q8: Is there a trail shuttle to get from one end to the other?

Q9: Identify and locate the long-term parking option in Covington, KY using the Interactive Map.


View the Website Introduction Script and Answers to the Practice Questions. 

Practice Exercise Answers

Webinar Description & Recording

How to NOT get lost on the Ohio to Erie Trail
Trail experts share their tips on using a variety of resources to guide your journey on the Ohio to Erie Trail. Both print and web-based resources help you find your way across the state of Ohio whether you are an adventure seeker, novice explorer, or casual day trekker. The primary resources discussed include the trail’s website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel, the trail’s enthusiasts' Facebook group, the maps and details of the official trail guide, and the multi-layer interactive map.

This is part of the Winter 2023 Ohio to Erie Trail webinar series. Join us on selected dates during January, February, March, and April. All webinars are recorded and will be published on the Ohio to Erie Trail YouTube channel for future viewing.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ / Tech Library


Jan 25, 2023 07:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Additional Resources


Summit Metro Parks Towpath Map

Summit Metroparks has a 1 page map of the Towpath  
Towpath Map

January 25: How to NOT get lost on the Ohio to Erie Trail,
February 22: Exploring the Ohio to Erie Trail by E-bike  

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