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Ohio to Erie Trail office | Published on 12/9/2022


Ohio to Erie Trail Interest Groups

Visit Interests to view all Interest Groups  

Example of Interest List:
Explore the "Plan Your Trip Tips" Interest Group and Forum
Step 1: Go to  and Sign in or Sign Up

  • If you are not already a member - Click “New Member Sign up” in the top menu. 

  • Under Membership Type select your membership level - You can choose “Newsletter Only” or if it applies, "326 Club Trail Completers”  Either option is free

Step 2: Sign in and click on your name (upper right) and select “Profile”

Step 3: On the profile screen, In the lower right choose “Interests” under Website Functions

Step 4: Click the v next to Plan your Trip Tips.   

  • Place a check mark next to Plan Your Trip - Information Exchange

  • Make sure to hit the SAVE button before leaving the screen. 

Next Steps:

Anyone who joins the Interest Group can read posts, add posts or comment on existing posts. This is a peer to peer network  to share Ohio to Erie Trail adventure tips and advice.   
Join the at this link: Forums.  .

Learn more about the 326 CLUB
Learn how to join the 326 Club and let people know that you rode or hiked the whole trail!   
The list of names by year is at 

We have a new format for the 326 Club page with names and hometowns at this link: 326 Names Go to the main 326 Club page to learn how to add interests and achievements on your own trail adventures page.


Once you join the interest group, your name card will show up on the Interest List.  You can adjust what information is displayed by choosing these prompts:

To control what information is displayed on your Member Profile Card, follow these steps: 

Login to

Click your name in the upper right

Click Profile on the drop down menu

At the top of the page go to   General Info 

And select what you want to display:
Display Visibility Options


Be sure to SAVE  after your selection.  
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