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List of Tours on the Ohio to Erie Trail - 2023

Ohio to Erie Trail office | Published on 4/6/2023

Calendar of Bicycle Tours and Touring Companies

Greetings Trail Friends!

This is the 2023 Tours page on the website. 

The tours listed here are provided as a courtesy to those searching for an Ohio to Erie Trail bicycling tour.  We do not have direct involvement with any of the offerings and do not endorse or sponsor any of the independent vendors.   

If you want to plan your own adventure, explore the many tools offered on the  Plan Your Trip page. 

Questions?   Contact Us   

Tour Operators:

Do you offer a tour that is not on our calendar yet? 
Let us know your operator name, dates, direction (NB/SB) and registration link. 

Use the contact form to send this info.  Contact Us


SELF GUIDED TOURS with Accommodations

NEW Offering in 2023 - 5 and 6 Day Tours offered 

LINK    or click the Company Logo 

Noble Inventions Bike Tours


Outdoor Pursuits, Ohio Erie Trail Adventure  5/13 to 5/20
Great American Bike Tours, Ohio to Erie Trail 5/21 to 5/29

Wilderness Voyageurs 6/4 to 6/9
People Cycling Heart of Ohio 6/7 to 6/16
Adventure Cycling Inn-to-Inn 6/10 to 6/17
Wilderness Voyageurs 6/11 to 6/16
Wilderness Voyageurs 6/18 to 6/23
Wilderness Voyageurs 6/25 to 6/30
Woman Bike Tours  6/25 to 7/3




Cycle of Life Adventures  8/24 to 8/30

Cycle of Life Adventures  9/1 to 9/7
Adventure Cycling Inn-to-Inn  9/17 to 9/24
Wilderness Voyageurs 9/17 to 9/22
Wilderness Voyageurs 9/24 to 9/30
Woman Bike Tours  10/6 to 10/14
Great American Bike Tours, Ohio to Erie Trail  10/15 to 10/23

Bicycle Adventure Club Ohio Rail Trails Tour 10/5 to 10/15 


Photo: Killbuck, Holmes County
Southbound view (Fall 2022)

A Few Hundred Miles Among Friends from WomanTours on Vimeo.
WomanTours Video

WomanTours off road trail tours are very popular. As an example, follow our ladies as they ride the length of Ohio on the Ohio to Erie Trail. The OTET is a wonderful connection of trails that takes you from downtown Cincinnati to the shores of Lake Erie in Cleveland wit a little bit of everything in between. It's, in the words of one of our guests, an "awesome" ride. Video by Annette Lein

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