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April to June:

1 - Downtown Connector Trail (Detour Provided)

2 - Alum Creek Trail, Easton Way to Innis Rd (No Detour)

POSTED: March 10, 2023

Downtown Connector Trail Closure (Detour Provided)

Project description: The Department will resurface approximately 2 miles of the existing downtown connector trail’s (DCT) asphalt pavement between the western limit at Cleveland Avenue and the eastern limit at Leonard Avenue/bridge over IR-670. This project includes milling and grinding of existing asphalt trail, installation of new asphalt, curb ramp reconstruction at the intersection of Joyce Avenue. Landscape improvements, such as tree plantings and clearing and grubbing to improve trail and road traffic visibility, are also included.

Detour: A detour for bicyclists will be provided to direct them to use Leonard Avenue during trail closure. 

Duration of Trail Closure: It is anticipated the closure will begin the week of March 07th, 2023 and the trail will re-open by early June of 2023. There will be intermittent trail openings during that time based on the work activity, but the detour will be open for the entire project duration.





POSTED: March 24, 2023

Alum Creek Trail Closures (No Detour)


Duration of Trail Closure: It is anticipated the closure will begin the week of April 10th, 2023 and the trail will re-open by June of 2023 (dates subject to change)


POSTED: March 10, 2023

Alum Creek Trail Closures (No Detour)

Project description: The Department will be removing and replacing the superstructure of Alum Creek Trail bridge crossing Alum Creek and Champions Golf Course (location here) this Spring/Summer. In addition, the west bank of Alum Creek will be re-established just north of the bridge crossing.

Detour: No trail detour will be provided for this project.

Duration of Trail Closure: It is anticipated the closure will begin the week of March 27th, 2023 and the trail will re-open by early June of 2023.






Ohio to Erie Trail, "Caboose" Alternate (20.4 miles)


From Columbus Confluence Park to the trail through Westerville Hanby Park (Depot)

Caboose Route Northbound:

(Reverse Route for Southbound)



Of the 20 miles only 2 miles are on roads without bike markings, the remaining 18 are on trail, sidepath and residential streets.


HINTS on the "Caboose Route":

The Olentangy trail has an ongoing detour throughout '23 on the Ohio State University campus and Worthington has an intermittent short term closure which could require an adjustment.  These are not shown on the RWGPS, additional detail on both projects is provided below. 

Caboose in McCord Park


The name of the route is for the Caboose in McCord Park, from Highland, follow signs for the Worthington Community Center.   During open hours, stop in for a restroom break or water refill.  The main entrance is toward the northern part of the community center.   

Point of Interest on this route:
Check out the red B&O Caboose in Worthington McCord Park.  It provides a comfortable Train Viewing Area and gives a fun Rail-Trail Photo opportunity!

The Location of the Caboose is 40.107097, -83.003634

RWGPS for Caboose Route:


Olentangy Trail Marked Detour

  • The OSU Cannon Drive construction project takes trail users off the Olentangy Trail to a route east of the Ohio Stadium (“The Horseshoe”)  The detour is marked and relatively short. Detour Location: 40.001548, -83.018135


The Wilson Bridge Road bridge above the trail is being worked on starting April 10 for 90 days and there MAY be intermittent impacts to the Olentangy Trail overnight or during some daytime hours. 

This location of this area on the trail is 40.107065, -83.034752  

If you find the OT closed on the day you come through, exit the trail at the Whitney Ave Trailhead (playground) and go EAST on Whitney Ave, then NORTH (left) on Rieber St and EAST (right) on Greenglade Ave.  [Then follow the rest of the Caboose Route RWGPS].


Major Re-Routing

Submitted by Denise Badgley, Craig Leach via Facebook

A suggestion is to use the OLAC marked road route between Broadmeadows Park on the Olentangy Trail and Cooper Park on the Alum Creek Trail. The 7.2 mile OLAC (Olentangy and Alum Creek Connector) is a signed route on low traffic residential roads, but there are 25 or more turns, so follow the signs.

Our Documents section has a 1 page OLAC map available for download. Both phase 1 and phase 2 are signed. Phase 2 is the south branch of the OLAC and matches the RWGPS file provided in the notes below.

DOWNLOAD>>>> OLAC 1 page Map

[Thanks to Bike Commuting in Columbus fb page]

Olentangy Trail, Broadmeadows Park

40.074204, -83.034635

Alum Creek Trail, Cooper Park

40.088375, -82.929959

NB: From Confluence Park, take the Olentangy Trail North and go right (east) at the Broadmeadows bridge over the Olentangy River, then follow the OLAC to Cooper Park and go NORTH on the Alum Creek Trail.

SB: At Cooper Park leave the Alum Creek Trail and go toward Cooper Road to follow the OLAC signs west. When you reach the Olentangy Trail go SOUTH until it meets the Scioto Trail at Confluence Park go WEST on the Scioto Trail.


7.2 Miles

There are two options that are signed that split at Brittany Rd. This RWGPS takes the south one which joins the Alum Creek Trail further south of Cooper Park. It avoids riding on Cleveland Ave and is a nicer ride. 

This route joins the Alum Creek Trail near Wingfield Street.

Location: 40.066053, -82.927817

Download the 1 page OLAC PDF OLAC 1 PG

OLAC 2 pg, of Phase 1 (North) only OLAC PDF

Although the OLAC option avoids the Alum Creek Bridge construction closure, there is a significant detour on the Olentangy Trail on the OSU campus using roads to go east of the Ohio Stadium (Horseshoe).



Major Re-Routing


Submitted by Tim Goggin, via Facebook


NB: When arriving in downtown Columbus, follow the Olentangy Trail North toward Worthington. There will be a trail DETOUR near OSU. In Worthington you will pass the skate park, soccer fields and tennis courts and begin the upward elevation to join the Multi use path along Wilson Bridge Road, head east and continue climbing toward High Street (Route 23). Take the lane or dismount and use the crosswalk to continue onto East Wilson Bridge Road. Continue east, cross the Railroad tracks and turn left on Huntley Rd (about 1.5 miles), then go about a 1/2 mile and turn right on Worthington Galena Rd, Next take a right on Worthington Woods Blvd. Ride over the bridge over I-71 and the street name becomes Main Street in Westerville. Cross Cleveland Ave and immediately past the BP station on your left is an entrance to Heritage Park, turn left and follow the road to the stop sign. Turn left. The bike trail that connects to Ohio to Erie will be on your right, go North on the trail running parallel to Cleveland Ave. At Polaris Pkwy turn right and proceed past Route 3. You will pick the trail up again. Polaris Parkway and Maxtown Road are the same road, name changes at State St. (Route 3).


Another option is instead of turning in to the Heritage Park, continue east on Main Street to Uptown Westerville where there are shops and restaurants. The Ohio to Erie Trail access is east of the Westerville Library in Hanby Park, you will see the Westerville Depot shelter with RR and water.



Variation through more residential areas

Submitted by Dwight Bowman, via facebook


I have a suggested modification to the Olentangy Trail re-routing. The current suggested route travels on Worthington Galena Rd and Worthington Woods Blvd, neither of which have a bike lane.

Instead, I recommend: follow Olentangy Trail to the skate park, then head up Wilson Bridge Rd. Turn right on Reiber Street, bike thru the neighborhood turning left on Greenglade Ave., then left on Caren Avenue. Cross High Street, Caren Avenue turns into Highland Avenue. Follow Highland Avenue to Worthington Galena Rd. Turn Right (south) on Worthington Galena and then left on Schrock Rd. Schrock Rd. has a bike lane and will take you into Westerville where you pick back up with the OTET at Brooksedge Blvd.



NOTE: If using the above route from Huntley, be aware that the Schrock Road Bike Lanes WEST of the 270 overpass are in poor condition.  The markings are faded and they are debris covered.   After you cross 270, they are in good condition and helpful. 


Easton Area Elevations

This Ride With GPS file shows the elevations on the streets surrounding the Alum Creek Trail. There are 4 connection options shown: (south) Innis Park, (mid-1) Easton Way (mid-2) Morse Rd and (north) Hidden Ridge.


Sidewalks for Hikers

Eastern Route Bypass


Uses McCutcheon and Stelzer Rd, mostly flat

NB: Innis Park to Strawberry Farms Park

Distance: 5.2 miles

Bypasses a 3 mile section of Alum Creek Trail





A hiker may want to rejoin the trail by walking west on Easton Way to the trail access west of Sunbury Road.

Sidewalks for Hikers

Eastern Route Bypass





This section of SUNBURY ROAD has no shoulders, blind curves, peaks and valleys, several pinch points with guardrails on both sides. There is a heavy volume of traffic and some are distracted drivers. EXPERTS ONLY.

Options to bypass the construction include Public Transit on COTA or use Ride Share (request XL or otherwise explain that you need to also transport your bicycle).


One option is to stay at a hotel off the Alum Creek Trail ask them to shuttle you to the opposite end of the construction section the next morning.  

For NB there are several hotel options on Airport Drive

For SB there are 3 options at the NW corner of Morse Road and Sunbury Road, easy access from Trail.



Bypass construction using Public Transportation. Distance for this option is 2.6 miles
The bus stops are EAST of the Alum Creek Trail and the bus runs on Sunbury Road.  

Every COTA bus has a front Bike Rack with space for 3 bikes
Every 40 minutes, Route 31  
NEXT BUS: Text Stop # to 95292
Phone Help: 614-228-1776

Trail Northbound:
Start: Sunbury Road & Sunbury Ridge Dr, Stop ID: 7819
End: Easton Way & Sunbury Rd, Stop ID: 7458

Trail Southbound: 
Start: Easton Way & Sunbury Rd, Stop ID: 7459
End: Sunbury Road & Sunbury Ridge Dr, Stop ID: 7822

Hint: Use Google Maps with the transit option to get more detailed times and navigation help. 



When you exit the bus, go WEST toward Sunbury Road.  The trail access opening is on the west side of the intersection of Sunbury Road and Easton Way.  Once inside the gates, go right (north) on the Alum Creek Trail. 


Upon exiting the bus, look for the trail signs. The Alum Creek Trail intersects with Sunbury Road between Ballyvaughan Drive and Sunbury Ridge Dr.  Use the button activated pedestrian crosswalk to cross Sunbury Road for the southbound trail. After crossing Sunbury Rd, go south toward Sunbury Ridge Dr and you will see the continuation of the southbound trail parallel to Sunbury Road.


The photos included show the NB and SB start and end points for the 2.6 mile Bus option.


Northbound Start Bus Route:

Stop ID: 7819

Sunbury Road & Sunbury Ridge Dr


Northbound Exit: Stop ID: 7458

Easton Way & Sunbury Rd

Trail is inside the fenced area.

Green Arrow shows opening


Southbound Start Bus Route:

Stop ID: 7459

Easton Way & Sunbury Rd


Southbound Exit Bus:

Stop ID: 7822

Sunbury Road & Sunbury Ridge Dr

This page was updated: March 24, 2023

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