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7/20/21 – Update to Massillon Detour

The Towpath Trial is closed in Massillon between Cherry Rd. and Lake Avenue (Ernie’s Bicycle Shop) due to Army Corps construction work on the flood levee.

The suggested alternate route is Third Street, which parallels the trail on the west side of the river.  The detour is approximately 3/4 mile.

Signs have been posted at each end of the closure explaining the re-route. 

South Bound

North Bound

As work areas on the levee change, closures will change, necessitating different re-routes.  Those routes are currently being discussed by city and county officials along with input from MAGI (Massillon Area Greenways Inc.). 

On another note, Stark Parks will be replacing a bridge on the Sippo Valley trail this fall.  Coming from the west, it is the first bridge in Stark County.  The trail will be closed while the work is completed.  More on this as we get closer to a construction date.

Currently lots of high water, but no serious damage to trails in Stark County!

Flooding in Massillon Area

Hello Trail Partners and Friends,

As expected, several trails will be closed due to flooding for a few days this week.  We will work on any debris and clean up so the trails are ready for the weekend and more sunshine.  As always, you can link, bookmark, or frequently check…. https://starkparks.com/park-trail-alerts/

Here is the list:

The Towpath Trail has several sections under water including north of Lake Lucerne and Lake Lucerne Trailhead, Lock 4 area and lower parking lot, under Lake Ave. and Rt. 21 in Massillon, and south of Wooster St. in Navarre. 

On a related note, updates have been slower than anticipated but the Towpath Trail between Cherry St. and Lake Ave. is now closed as work begins on erosion control and bank stabilization.  Fencing is in place with barricades and signage, we will continue to work with the Army Corps of Engineers and pass them along to you.  The schedule is expected to remain the same with the closure lasting into 2022.  Any references to the trail being open on weekends are no longer valid. 

The Hoover Trail at Washington Square in North Canton has several flooded areas at this time.

The Middle Branch Trail north and south of Martindale Rd. has water over the trail. 

Jared Shive

Public Relations Coordinator
Ph 330-409-8996

5712 12th Street NW
Canton, Ohio 44708


Towpath Trail section in Cuyahoga Valley National Park closed due to flooding

04/29/2021–Brecksville, OH – The National Park Service has closed the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail between Rockside Road and Frazee House in Valley View due to Cuyahoga River flooding.  

Please respect all park closures for the safety of visitors, resources, and park staff. Please do not drive through flooded roadways.  

Significant Closures of Little Miami Trail during 2021 Season

A segment of the trail along the Little Miami segment will be closed most of the summer.

Details are here: https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/warren-county/highly-used-warren-county-state-park-trail-getting-major-work-through-summer?fbclid=IwAR0P1WpKke5iMQy8xa_u6rePBQLjEqos4ixPPez4DRX3dFGBPy35osp0e84

Note that the organization posting this information has no more knowledge of the closures other than what is publicly announced.

For more information regarding closures along Little Miami State Park’s trail, call the park office at 937-382-1096 or visit the ODNR website at ohiodnr.gov.

Massillon Detour


CAUTION: This detour is on roadway. Please obey all traffic laws and pay careful attention while riding the detour.

Note: Depending on how busy they are, Ernie’s Bicycle Shop in Massillon can provide shuttling for people and bikes from the Massillon Hampton Inn to the north side of the detour and in the opposite direction. Contact them and please thank them!

Knox County Construction

August 2020

Mount Vernon construction updates: Several traffic projects are underway in Mount Vernon that will improve the cycling infrastructure for trail users.

Mount Vernon Avenue: Work continues the replacement of the Mount Vernon Avenue bridge over the Kokosing River. Work has shifted to the westbound lanes with the eastbound bridge construction complete. The Kokosing Gap Trail travels on a 12’ protected bike lane on the bridge to a traffic signal at Cougar Drive. Trail users can safely cross Mount Vernon Avenue and continue to the trail on the levee. The westbound bridge beams will be set into place from August 24-26. There may be delays during the movement of the beams. Trail users can continue through the construction zone at the direction of the construction crew.

Main Street: The construction of a trail underpass at Main Street is underway. A new underpass trail will begin on the Heart of Ohio Trail at the western edge of the CA&C Depot and pass under the Main Street Viaduct on the river’s edge. It will return to the levee and Kokosing Gap Trail east of the iron viaduct. The trail is open with intermittent delays for the movement of equipment and supplies. A detour will be in effect and marked once the construction reaches the point of merging the exiting trail into the new underpass trail. Trail users can continue using the trail until the contractor places barricades on the trail and directs trail users to the detour.

Status Alert for Towpath Trail in Massillon 2020-2021

Towpath Trail Closure And Unpredictable Trail Conditions

Expect unpredictable trail conditions through July 2020 while a project near the Massillon Sewer Plant is happening. Use caution and plan on walking bikes through the area. An ongoing levee project near the Tuscarawas River in Massillon by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will impact travel for an extended period. The work will cause intermittent closures of the Towpath Trail. Weekday closures between Lake Ave. Trailhead in Massillon and Finefrock Rd. in Massillon will begin in Aug. 2020. The trail will be open on weekends. Please obey all construction and safety signs and be cautious of unpredictable trail conditions. This is a long term project that will affect various sections of the Towpath Trail in this area throughout 2020 and 2021.

Couple Celebrates their 43rd Anniversary on the Trail!

Louise and Lawrence completed a round trip on the trail, riding 675 miles in 11 days to celebrate their 43rd wedding anniversary.  Due to detours and finding accommodations along the way, the overall mileage exceeded 326 x 2=652.

They started in Xenia, then rode south to Cincinnati, then north to Cleveland and rode south again to return back to Xenia.

Congrats on your anniversary Louise and Lawrence!

Camp Chase Detour in Effect

Construction Closure: Camp Chase Trail is closed from Wilson Road Park to Derrer Road for road improvements on Wilson Road bridge above the trail. Follow signs for the detour.

National Park Service to close Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail section for repairs May 4 – 15, 2020

BRECKSVILLE, Ohio – The National Park Service (NPS) will close a section of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail, between Canal Exploration Center and Frazee House in Valley View. The trail will be closed 7 am – 5 pm on weekdays, May 4 –15. It will be open for use in the evening and on weekends. Contractors will be repairing the Tinker’s Creek aqueduct bridge decking and stone retaining walls.

No detour is available. The closure is necessary for public safety, please respect all closures.

CVNP encompasses 33,000 acres along the Cuyahoga River between Cleveland and Akron, Ohio. Managed by the National Park Service, CVNP combines cultural, historical, recreational, and natural activities in one setting. For more information, visit www.nps.gov/cuvawww.facebook.com/cuyahogavalleynationalpark, or call 440-717-3890.

Featured 326 Member – Angela Dotson

Hometown: Lodi, Ohio

Age and occupation: 55 years old, dog trainer

Date of Trip: June 12- 15 2019.

Other multi-day trips? None but had done a multi-day bike ride with multiple short rides but coming back to the same headquarters in the afternoons.

Travel direction? We did the route starting in Cleveland.

Lodging: Our first night we stayed at the hotel Millersburg which was very bike-friendly with excellent food I may add. The second night we stayed at the Cambria in Westerville and the third night we stayed at an Airbnb in Xenia.

Type of bike: My bike is a Trek checkpoint sl5. I absolutely love that gravel bike

Tips for others: I carried a small bike trunk with my maps,rain jacket and snacks on my back bike rack, a small top tube bag. And under seat bag for bike tools and a pannier for clothing.

Biggest challenge: The weather was definitely the biggest challenge because we had two late afternoon /evening storms that we ran into. The one we actually took shelter behind some shrubbery!!

Favorite part of the trip: I got to see so much more of our beautiful state then I anticipated . I have since gone back and ridden other parts that I wanted to enjoy again in the daylight without rain. Next year I’m going to do it again but I’m going to go south to north!

Trail Videos

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Visit our Youtube Channel for more videos about the Ohio to Erie Trail at the LINK.


Featured Rider – Brinkley Graves, age 8

Dear OTET friends,

I’m Brinkley Graves from Madeira, Ohio.  I’d be thrilled if you’d consider me as a Featured 326 Club Member.  

I did not complete the entire 326 miles of the trail.  However, during Labor Day weekend last year – my Daddy (Bryan Graves of Madeira) and I biked 110 miles of the OTET trail in 48 hours on my 20’ Redline Cyclocross bike.  This may not be a big deal by itself; however, I did this two months after my 9th birthday.

Whether biking, hiking or walking, I’ve always loved adventures which push my limits and amaze my parents.  In the spring, I first thought of this ride when my Daddy mentioned the bike trail. My Mommy and Daddy were hesitant to go along with this idea, warning me I would need to practice a lot and even then, the trip may still be too far for my 48-lb body to handle.  But why would they ever doubt me for a minute? Haven’t they learned anything in the last nine years?

From that point, I asked my Daddy every day to take me to the bike trail.  He seemed to always have a convenient excuse preventing us from going, but after relentlessly pressing him for weeks and months, Daddy finally took me out on the trail.  On my first outing, we completed a non-stop 15-mile ride. After that, Mommy and Daddy were on board and willing to let me give it a try.

On Thursday evening, we began our journey from 50 West in Newton.  I became a bit anxious once I realized I’d be away from Mommy for a long time.  However, Mommy stayed in constant contact with us and agreed to be close by at all times.  

That night, Daddy and I tackled the bike path passing through Milford and Loveland.  As the sun began to set, we came upon the abandoned factory resting along the Little Miami River.  This was a familiar site since Daddy and I passed the old plant while training during the summer. However, this was the first time I saw the building at this time of day.  I can tell you for sure that the old war factory looks a lot scarier when it’s getting dark.  

That evening, we finished our ride in Morrow – which was good for two reasons:

#1 – it gave us 28 miles for the day (a new record for me)

#2 – the next day, Daddy responded to all phone calls by claiming, “yesterday, we made it to Morrow.” (I quickly grew tired of him saying that)

On Friday, we rode all the way to Cedarville.  That day we rode underneath the huge Jeremiah Morrow Bridge; ate lunch with tough-looking Harley Bikers at the Little River Café in Oregonia; and explored really small towns like Corwin and Spring Valley.  We also took a break at the Xenia Station Splash Pad/Playground. Daddy says that I’m probably the only person to ride from Cincinnati to Columbus that also insisted on climbing all over the Xenia Station playground for more than an hour.

On Saturday, we passed through South Charleston and then I wondered if we’d see another town again.  We were riding through the middle of nowhere forever. There were some farms, but we never saw any people and we didn’t even see cars on the nearby road.  But we kept pedaling through the brutal heat and eventually reached London and visited the local street festival. Later that afternoon, we dodged thunderstorms; went dirt bike riding through Darby Creek; and I even learned how to ride “no hands” style.  That evening, Daddy and I made it all the way to downtown Columbus.

One of my favorite things during our trip was getting to test all the sno-cone shops we could find.  In the end, our hometown favorite, the Trailside Ice Shack at the Loveland Bike Trail, was easily the best of all.  Maybe sometime soon I’ll get to try all the sno-cones from Columbus to Cleveland!