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Featured Rider – Arbor Lang

Posted 12/3/2021

Many of us accomplish 100K or even 100 miles of cycling on the trail, but how many of us accomplish this before we turn 10 years old? Get ready to be inspired!

The first time Arbor Lang rode a section of the Ohio to Erie Trail, ice cream played a big part in her vow to return for a longer bike ride. The same could probably be said for many of us. 

That next June of 2019, Arbor returned and rode 100k on the trail!

Another year, another goal, and that year, Arbor set her sights on a century ride – 100 miles. The year was 2020, and it was a different year for all of us. Her bike goals and the trail connected her family in a familiar way and filled them with resounding positivity and hope. They continued to grow their strength. By July, her goal of a century ride was in the books, or rather on Strava. 

Arbor with parents Anne and Andy

Since then, she’s accomplished another century this past October, from Columbus to Cincinnati, with her dad and mom riding and supporting her all the way.

According to her dad, Andy, “Training with your kid is probably the most enlightening, sometimes stressful, but most fulfilling time in the saddle” 

Whatever your reason for visiting the trail – ice cream, exercise, nature, or other – Arbor Lang is a a source of inspiration for all of us!

Arbor approaching Cleveland on the Towpath Trail

What type of bike did you ride? A 24” Kid’s Salsa Journeyman 

What was the most challenging part of the ride? The end of the second day. There were some hilly road sections and all three of us were tired and not communicating as well as usual!

What month did you ride? October

What was your average mileage per day? 68 miles

Did you stay in campsites or hotels? This was a “slackpacking” bike trip. We had previously completed a traditional carry-everything family bikepacking trip on the GAP Trail. For this trip, we opted to have one parent drive to the day’s destination and ride towards the other two, accompanying them back to the destination.

Day 1: Columbus to the Kokosing Campground in Howard, Ohio

Day 2: Howard to an Airbnb in Massillon

Day 3: Massillon to Edgewater Beach in Cleveland.