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Route Updates

Attention Riders of the HOOT (Heart of Ohio Trail in Centerburg)

A culvert will be placed across the trail the week of June 6. The location is just west of Perry road. The work schedule will be dependent on weather conditions. TRAIL CLOSED signs will be placed advising of the closure.

OTET Route Changes with Up-Dates as of  3-11-2017

This up-date is for the maps purchased prior to 10-2016. A new OTET Tour Guide can be preordered now (click here) . The new Tour Guides are detailed and up-dated with all changes. This new comprehensive Tour Guide replaces all of these alerts. It cost $15 or you can become a Friend of the OTET and save $5 on the tour guide with your donation (click here).  Note that after June 1, 2017, we will no longer provide these up-dates to the old map sets since the new OTET Tour Guide is quite comprehensive.

To make it easier for you, we have referred you to the old map number and panel number. Always check this web site for last minute changes before heading out on your OTET Adventure even with our new Tour Guide!

OTET ANNUAL RIDE – The 2017 Annual Ride is now in its planning stages. The dates are September 9-15, 2017. You can register now in our Store (click here). Half of the available spaces have been taken.

 Here are the many changes that have taken place in the past three years that require your attention since these are changes to the printed maps we sold prior to 10-2016.  We are excited about all of the changes that replace streets and roads with paved recreational trail, and while we have done our very best to designate all of the changes with Bicycle Route 1 OTET signs, the printed directions here will be helpful to you with the older map set. When riding on the 320 miles of OTET if you notice an area that needs better signage, or to report missing signs, please contact us!

The all new 2017 Ohio to Erie Trail Touring Guide is very helpful to anyone using the Trail. It is divided into four regions as was our previous map set but that is where the similarities end!  The new Tour Guide features numerous icons to show amenities like parking, restrooms, food, banks, bike shops, camping and lodging.  It shows municipality boundaries through which the OTET travels. On a limited basis, the maps will be for sale in bike shops along the Trail.

All of the changes you read about in this update below are incorporated into the new Tour Guide.

To make it easier for you, we have referred you to the map number and panel number. Always check the web site for last minute changes before heading out on your OTET Adventure! These map panels are NOT the same panels on the new Tour Guide, however the new tour guide will have ALL of the changes and this “up-date” will be removed from the web site this coming summer.

Navigating the Trail  – This is for those OTET supporters with the old maps prior to February, 2917. The new Tour Guides incorporate these.  

Map 4 – Panel 9 – Cincinnati – these first two alerts are navigation clarifications and not route changes from the maps.  Two areas need traveler attention. 1. Going towards Cincinnati after turning on to Kellogg Avenue from Carrel, in one-half mile the trail goes left (south) around the back of the school on stilts and not straight on Kellogg Avenue. While the trail returns to Kellogg/Riverside Drive later, this beautiful one mile trail section winds along the Ohio River where there are ball fields and a boat ramp with very little car traffic compared to Kellogg. When the trail ends at Carrel, turn right and in a block you are back on Kellogg which now has become Riverside Drive to the city and it is well marked with Bicycle Route 1 signs. 2. The sign at Bain and Riverside at the red light to cross and enter the OTET at Berry International Friendship Park is missing but the trail is easily visible on the south side of Riverside Drive. It is possible to stay on Riverside and catch the trail at other places, but the easiest is to take this first sign of a trail on your left. Go beyond the wooden art work to the path closest to the Ohio River and turn right. The first trail next to the train tracks will get you to the same location but the path closest to the river is much more scenic!

Map 4 – Panel 4 – The Ohio of Department of Transportation has temporarily closed a section of Trail in the Milford area due to part of the trail bed sinking on a section that has a road going under it.  There is a detour at the location so trail users can continue their journey by going off the trail, down to the road and back up. The detour is short, yet steep and trail users are smart to walk bikes.

NOTE: Just south of Fort Ancient on the OTET, there is retainer wall construction along the Trail that is taking place starting February 20 until about March 7th, and there is no detour provided. The closures are for week days only and not weekends.

East of London to Columbus

Map  3 – Panels 5 & 6  The two rail trail sections of the 15 mile Camp Chase Trail are complete as of December 2016. A final ½ mile connector will be built next to the roadway joining the two segments in 2017. From Lilly Chapel in Madison County the trail parallels the railway into Georgesville in Franklin County where it goes over the Darby Creek and through Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park on the gravel path and then on the road eastward to Darby Creek Drive where the trail and continues along the railway to Sullivant Ave.  At Sullivant Ave, it is recommended that trail users head west (left) and use Industrial Mile Road to connect to Georgesville Road where the Camp Chase Trail on the Hilltop runs parallel to the Camp Chase Railway. The new Hilltop segment continues through the new Columbus Wilson Park and continues east to N. Eureka Ave.

S to N directions are: where the CCT ends at W. Sullivant Ave. turn left and go 1 block west to Industrial Mile Rd. (IMR)  Follow IMR north and east to the intersection with  Georgesville Rd. Use the pedestrian signal and crosswalk to cross to the east side of Georgesville Rd and go south (right) on the paved side path toward the RRx where the Camp Chase Trail resumes eastward into Columbus connecting to Columbus Wilson Park and the bridge over Broad Street (which is National Road U.S. 40).

No Change….When the trail ends at N. Eureka Avenue, go north (left) and at Valleyview Dr. go east (right), which is on the current map.

Map 3 – Panels 1-2-3 and May 2- Panel 9 Note – NAVIGATING COLUMBUS: Alum Creek Greenway Trail replaces the Olentangy Trail so disregard Map 2 Panel 9 and Map 3 Panels 1-2-3. Here are new directions and Trail has been marked.

Map 3 – Panels 1-2-3 are no longer helpful to you going into Columbus from the NORTH. Follow these directions from where the I-670 Trail leaves the Alum Creek Greenway Trail. The I-670 Trail dead ends at Leonard Ave at traffic signal. Cross and turn LEFT onto Leonard Ave following it’s side path and ‘bike route’ signs. This will dead end at Cleveland Ave/SR 3. Cross and turn LEFT/south onto Cleveland Ave/SR 3 following its side path and the green ‘Ohio to Erie Trail. Scioto-Alum Creek Connector, Bike Route’ signs. Turn RIGHT/west onto one-way Mt Vernon Ave. which turns into W. Nationwide Blvd (road sharrows).   Turn LEFT/south onto Neil Ave until it dead ends at W. Long/W. Spring. Carefully cross those two streets into North Bank Park, veering RIGHT/west onto Scioto Greenway Trail, follow sign. This puts you back on May 3, Panel 4 where the Scioto River Trail heads south and the former route on the Olentangy goes north.

Map 3 – Panels 1-2-3  – The Olentangy Trail as of 3-20-16 is no longer our OTET route. So, disregard Map 3 Panels 1-2-3 and follow these directions and the trail road signs in Columbus for the OTET coming from the SOUTH and heading north through Columbus. Follow the Scioto River Trail into Columbus (map 3, Panel 4) but do not go north on the Olentangy Trail. When you first see the Olentangy Trail, turn right following the Scioto River Trail to Neil Ave. which becomes the Scioto River – Alum Creek Connector through the center of Columbus with much of it on Nationwide Blvd. Signage is good for the Ohio to Erie Trail on well marked street signs. You now travel into Columbus and past the convention center and out the east side on the I-670 Trail (along I-670) for about 2.2 miles to the Alum Creek Trail which heads north about 14 miles to Schrock Road to the current route. The streets are as follows from going north from Neil Avenue: R on Nationwide; S on East Naghten; L on N. Grant; R on McCoy; L on Cleveland/SR3; under 670; R on Jack Gibbs Blvd/Leonard Ave. to the I-670 Trail to Alum Creek Greenway Trail at Airport Drive. Travel north to Schrock Rd. then right on Schrock into Westerville following signage. This also puts you on Map 2 Panel 8.

Extra Explanations for Westerville area are below since we now use the Alum Creek Greenway Trail with only a distance of 1/2 mile on Schrock Road:

Map 2 – Panels 7, 8 & 9 South to North – Exit the Alum Creek Trail/OTET just south of the underpass at Schrock Road and turn right (east) onto the Schrock Road bike lane. Travel about 0.5 miles to Charring Cross Drive, turn left (north). Take Charring Cross Road to the Westerville Bike & Walk (B&W) Trail, turn right (east). Follow the Westerville B&W Trail across S. State Street. This is a commercial district with many amenities. The next stop is 0.5 miles north at Hanby Park (Train Depot shelter, restrooms, bike lockers and repair station with air pump). Hanby Park, the ½ point of the OTET, is adjacent to the Uptown District which has restaurants, bike and other shops. Ride north to the Hoover Scenic Trail at the city’s corporate limits. (Panel 7 on Map 2).

North to South – Ride south on the Genoa Trail until you reach the Westerville Bike & Walk (B&W) Trail (Panel 7) The first Westerville stop is located 1.5 miles south at Hanby Park (Train Depot shelter, restrooms, bike lockers and repair station with air pump) which is adjacent to the Uptown District (restaurants, bike and other shops). Continue another 0.5 miles south on the Westerville B&W Trail/OTET to S. State Street. This is a second retail area. After crossing State Street, continue on the Westerville B&W Trail. Cross Charring Cross Drive and turn left (south). Turn right (west) at Schrock Road and ride for roughly 0.5 miles. Exit the bike lane by turning right, just east of the bridge, to enter the Alum Creek Trail/OTET, using the Schrock Road underpass. Continue south on the Alum Creek Trail/OTET into Columbus. Extra note at southern terminus of Alum Creek Trail abut mile 6: the LCT merges with the I-670 Trail but note at Avalon Place/Nelson Road the Alum Trail and the I-670 Trail splits into two routes, stay to your left which takes you straight along the I-670 Trail to downtown. Do not go south/right on the Alum Creek Trail at that split.

Map 2 – Panel 1 & 2  North of Mohican Valley Trail – Expect to be notified of route changes in Holmes County late this fall or early next spring when an 8-mile section of the proposed route to Glenmont is paved which will take the Ohio to Erie Trail off Route 62 and several rural roads so we will then utilize Route 520 until the final Trail section is paved from Glenmont to Killbuck in 2017. The remaining right-of-way has been secured and funding for the final 10 miles is all but complete. When finished this part of the Holmes County Trail will eliminate road travel completely along the approximate 15 miles from the Bridge of Dreams to Killbuck, to Millersburg and north! The changes this summer will remove 5.4 more miles of street route and then in 2017, another 10 miles of street route. Our Route 1 signs will be changed as soon as the new sections are opened.

Also, the Mohican Valley Trail was paved in the fall of 2015 so ignore the insert info on Panel 2 of Map 2!

Map 2 – Panel 4 – Mt. Vernon – Heart of Ohio & Kokosing Gap Trails – As of 3-20-16 the road route in Mt. Vernon has been changed to all paved trail. The railroad crossing just south of the train depot is now legal to cross with the new railroad lights and bells thus allowing travelers to pass the depot and head north across Columbus Road to a new section of trail that connects to the Mt. Vernon Road trailhead of the Kokosing Gap Trail. Coming south from that KGT trailhead, no longer will OTET travelers venture on to Mt. Vernon Road. Instead, cross Mt. Vernon Rd. and follow the Trail along the creek. The entire route has been marked with new Bicycle Route 1 OTET signs. This eliminates 1.4 miles of street route and replaces it with 1 more mile of paved, off-street trail. The official joining of the HOOT (Heart of Ohio Trail) and KGT is now at the train depot.

Map 2 – Panels 5 & 6 – This summer there was significant changes in the route that will remove about 5 miles from streets and place the OTET on the extended Heart of Ohio Trail southwest of Centerburg. New Bicycle Route 1 OTET signs are going up 12-8-16 Going south out of Centerburg at the current terminus of the Heart of Ohio (HOOT) Trail on the map at Clayton Street just off Main Street in Centerburg, the HOOT and OTET now do not go into town but continue straight on paved trail all the way to Huffman Road, about two miles. At Huffman Road, turn left/south on a street route (Huffman) to Downing Road for 2.9 miles to Hartford-Foundation Road. Then go west (right) on Hartford and then about 6 miles into Sunbury. Out of Sunbury going north follow Hartford-Foundation as on the map but at Downing Road go north to Huffman 2.9 miles and the new HOOT/OTET Trail head to Centerburg (2 miles). There is about 1,000 feet of gravel road in this new area but well worth the walk if necessary to drop 5 miles off the street route!

Akron & Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath on OTET & Cleveland

Map 1 – Panel 1-Cleveland – going South leave Edgewater Park at the tunnel after exiting the east entrance to the park. It comes out on W. 65th Street. Take W 65th south to Franklin Blvd and turn left (east) until it comes to West 25th Street. Turn right (south) on W. 25th Street until you come to Market Square (big building) in a couple of blocks and you turn on left on Gehring for a very short distance and then right at the light that puts you on Abbey Avenue which will taken you east to N. 14th Street. Turn right/south onto N. 14th Street and follow it to the bike path down the hill to Steelyard Commons.

Going North – after passing Steelyards Commons on the bike path you climb the short but steep hill up to N. 14th Street and you turn right. Take it until you come to Abbey Avenue and go left/west to Gehring Street. You then jog right and then left on Gehring and you come out at Market Square (big building) where you turn right/north on to West 25th Street. Take West 25th for a couple of blocks until you come to Franklin Blvd and turn left/west onto Franklin. Go several blocks until you come to West 65th Street and turn right/north for a couple of blocks until you see the Edgewater Park bike path entrance at the tunnel. Follow path into park and the end of the OTET.

Map 1 – Panel 4 – Akron – as of November 2, 2015, the section of the Ohio to Erie Trail known as the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Akron has a one-mile detour between the current Memorial Parkway and Mustill Store Trailheads. The detour uses Hickory Street to the west of the Trail for three-years during the construction of a waterway project.  This detour route for the Towpath Trail and Ohio to Erie Trail does provides a safe, easily identifiable and mostly accessible trail for hikers and bicyclists. Note: There are short sections that involve steep grades along the Maple Street Connector of the new route – 10% & 15% – where walking a bike may be preferred. Follow the temporary signs. Look at this video to see the detour area.

Map 1 – Panels 7 & 8 (Ignore the OTET printed map) Massillon – Instead of crossing over the Lincoln Way Bridge using a sidewalk, a traveler coming SOUTH will continue on an extension of the Towpath Trail under the Lincoln Way Bridge to the next bridge at Tremont Avenue and take a switchback ramp up to that bridge, turning left and crossing it on a separate dedicated bike lane. Then at the end of that Tremont Bridge, the trail turns south (left) and goes under Tremont and along a railroad to connect to the Sippo Valley Trail going west (OTET going south).  Going NORTH from Sippo Valley – do not exit at 6th St but continue to follow the trail and go under the Lincoln Way Bridge and follow the trail along a railroad to the next bridge at Tremont avenue. Go under the bridge and making right turns, up on the bridge and cross it using a dedicated bike lane to the other side where the Trail exits to the right in the middle of the bridge, using a switchback ramp down to the Towpath Trail heading north.  The new routing removes all streets except for the Tremont Bridge which has dedicated bike lanes.

Map 1 – Panel 9 – In Wayne County on the way from Fredericksburg to Dalton we have  changed the route to add the Village of Apple Creek. Signs have been changed.

Going NORTH: on our map do not turn on Moreland but continue straight/north of Cutter for one mile until you come to Buss. Turn right/east on Buss and go one mile until you see Apple Creek on your left. Turn left and take Apple Creek north for just over one mile until you see Bank Road on your right as you are coming down the hill on Apple Creek. Bank is a diagonal road and goes into Apple Creek in one half mile. Bank ends at Main Street. Turn left/west on Main Street and go one block until you come to Mill Street at the gasoline station. Turn right/north on Mill Street. At the end of Mill Street just past the park shelter area take a left on Park Street. In a block Park ends. Turn right/north onto High Street which becomes Millbourne. In two miles turn right/east onto Ely and take it until it ends at Kansas Road in 2.3 miles. Turn left/north and in less than a half of a mile you will come to Arnold (current route). Turn right/east and it is back on the printed map.

Coming SOUTH, it is from Arnold turn left/south to Kansas (less than a half mile) and go right/west on Ely 2.3 miles to left/south on Millbourne for 2 miles. Millbourne becomes High Street. At Park Street turn left/east (large concrete blocks at park entrance) and go one block to Mill Street. The village park is then on your right. Take Mill Street a couple blocks to  Main Street and turn left at the gas station. In a block. turn right/southwest on Bank and go .5 miles to Apple Creek where Bank ends. Turn left/south and stay on Apple Creek for 1 mile until you come to Buss Road. Turn right/west on Buss for 1 mile to Cutter and turn left/south. Stay on Cutter which is back on the original route of OTET.

As you can see with the addition of more paved recreational trail we are eliminating street miles. This also actually shortens the OTET! We started at 330 as designed but it is shrinking in the best way with the off street additions!

These web sites can be of assistance to you in the local areas they cover.

Little Miami:

Camp Chase Trail:

Central Ohio:

Delaware County:

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Madison County:

Millersburg/Holmes County:

Mt. Vernon/Knox County: Wayne County