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2019 OTET Adventure Ride FAQ

Moffitt Memorial Ride

September 7 – 13, 2019


If you have questions about the Annual Moffitt Memorial Ride, please review the information below before contacting us. Thank you!

Registration opens mid-December.

Pricing – Pricing for the ride without transportation increases on the schedule shown below:

December – January 31: $700

February 1 – March 31: $750

April 1 – May 31: $800

June 1 – September 1: $850

Cancellation Fees:
$150 until April 30
$250 until May 31
Last day to cancel:  August 7
Transportation Return to Columbus or Cincinnati:
$60 per person

Bicycles – PLEASE make sure your bike is in good working order for the trip. A tune-up a few weeks prior is an excellent idea. Bring two extra tubes and carry at least one on your bike. Also, small bottle of chain lube is a good thing to place in your bike bag to use each day. It is helpful to have a rear bike bag, a saddle bag…someway to carry what you need for the day. We will have floor pumps to use each day and a mechanic that will travel with us.

Bike Tires – all bike tires except for the very thin ones will work for you on this trip. Road bikes work well as long as the tires are 28 mm or larger. We are on some type of hard pavement the vast majority of the time.

Luggage – You are permitted two pieces of durable luggage, any combination of duffle bags and suitcases weighing no more than 40 pounds each. You have official OTET luggage tags for your bags in this mailing to you. Complete them and please, please use them. Again, bags may weigh no more than 40 pounds each for our volunteers’ sake!

Pick-Up of Luggage – Your luggage will be picked up the morning the ride begins if you are staying at the Millennium Hotel in Cincinnati. If you are not staying here, bring your luggage to the starting point and check it in on the truck. Each morning, you will need to drop off your luggage outside the designated hotel at the truck before 8:45 am.

Helmets & Illumination – You must ride wearing an approved helmet. No exceptions. There is simply too much research regarding serious and even fatal injuries when not riding with a helmet.  Also, while we will not be riding at night, rear lighting is still very important. Have a quality blinker and extra batteries especially for our short rides through the major cities. We also recommend a front light that blinks.

Inclement Weather – In the past three years we have had only one late afternoon of rain. Yes, clouds and some cool mornings in September will await us. The month is typically dry but do be prepared to ride in rain if necessary. We strongly suggest having two pairs of riding shoes. We also suggest wool socks (Smart Wool or Bontranger) for riding, especially on cooler mornings and if it rains. While your feet will get wet, your feet will stay warm with wool.

Water Bottles & Hydration – If you have ridden a couple days of 40-70 miles prior, this will not be a strenuous trip but it is critical that you stay hydrated. We highly recommend drinking a few sips of fluid every 10-15 minutes, consuming a water bottle each hour. Need water…just ask us. We have sealed water bottles for you in our vehicles. There are plenty of restrooms (and trees).

Security – bicycle theft is a slim possibility along the Trail but we do encourage you to have a light weight bike cable and lock that you can use should no one be available to watch the bikes when you leave yours to use the restrooms, eat etc. We can also lock bikes together. All hotels allow bikes in rooms with you but please be very careful with walls and beds…and grease from bikes! :) In Mount Vernon, bikes will go in a lower conference room where you’ll pick up luggage!

Luggage Tags – please use the official OTET luggage tags we provide.